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April 14, 2004

Posted 09:04 AM by El-ahrairah
Letting the chips fall where they may

President Bush, who obviously has a pair the size of watermelons, took a page out of the El-ahrairah Guide for Politicians and did not apologize for 9/11 or the Iraq war. There are times when the president must stand up and state categorically to the American people, "These are the facts. If you don't like it, deal with it." If this had been Klinton, he would had wimpered about how he "feels our pain", etc., and then ordered a military strike against a baby milk factory while asking Monica to come up to his office to help him "feel his pain". Last night was an example of what a president should be and what a failure our previous president was.

April 13, 2004

Posted 03:01 PM by Captain Holly
Fear This!

One of the most frustrating things about discussing military issues is the massive ignorance of the average American when it comes to military affairs. Now there are many Americans who understand the US military and our strategy in Iraq. But there seems to be even more who do not. Worse yet, the American Media are woefully ignorant, if not intentionally so.

To put it simply, the modern US military is by far the most technologically-advanced, best-equipped, best-trained, and effective fighting force in the history of the world. This is not your father's demoralized, conscript-heavy Army that dragged itself back from Viet Nam. This is an Army (and Navy and Marines and Air Force) of highly-intelligent, superbly-trained, and well-motivated volunteers. Thanks to the high percentage of reservists, the average education level is probably higher than that of the entire US officer's corps some 40 years ago.

Continue reading "Fear This!"

Posted 02:20 PM by Captain Holly
More Kindness from the Peaceful Left

Drudge has a story about a Kerry-fundraising ad run by local Democrats in Florida, advocating the shooting of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Of course, the person responsible denies that the ad was intended to be taken literally. Uh-huh.

April 12, 2004

Posted 10:13 AM by Captain Holly
How 'bout that Dick Clarke now?

From Instapundit I found this poll that shows the American people prefer Condolezza Rice's crisp professionalism over Dick Clarke's craven opportunism. As one who watched all of Dr. Rice's testimony, I'm not terribly surprised. But reading the reports from Big Media one would get the impression that she all but admitted to knowing about 9/11. How long can they ignore reality?

At least until after November 2, 2004.

April 11, 2004

Posted 09:08 AM by Captain Holly
People say the darndest things

El-ahrairah has provided his take on the Jewish proxy baptism controversy. I won't rehash what he said, but I do have to point out this howler of a quote:

"It's ridiculous for people to pretend they have the key to heaven," said Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. "And even if they say they want to do somebody a favor . . . it's not a symbol of love. It's a symbol of arrogance." (emphasis added)

So, Rabbi Hier, if it's ridiculous for anyone to pretend they have a key to heaven, why then are you still a Rabbi?

April 10, 2004

Posted 08:14 AM by El-ahrairah
Yet more religious controversy

Yet again, another religious practice of the LDS Church has pissed off another group of individuals. This time its the Jewish faith and the question has to do with proxy baptism. For eveyone who doesn't always read links, here is a good explanation from the article of why LDS Church practices proxy baptism.

"Proxy baptisms are conducted in LDS temples and offer salvation to the dead. Church members are baptized for deceased non-members, an ordinance the church says can be accepted or rejected by the deceased in the afterlife."

Continue reading "Yet more religious controversy"

Posted 03:30 AM by El-ahrairah
Airheads on tour

Due to delayed US TV programming in foreign countries, I was flipping thru the channels when I happened upon one of the episodes of "A Simple Life" with Paris Hilton and her sidekick, Nicole Richie. After watching them trying to work at an Arkansas fastfood restaurant, all I can say is "they are depriving two villages in England of an idiot". FOX TV must have paid that fastfood restaurant a lot of money to hire to these two airheads and allow them to completely mess up the place. About the only thing that they were qualified for was stand outside the restaurant wearing giant milkshake costumes and wave to passing motorists. They even managed to mess that up by walking off the job to a grocery store dressed as milkshakes. If I was the Hilton and Richie families, I would be embarrassed to be associated with such blond bimbos. BTW, if Nicole Richie is Lionel's daughter, why doesn't she look, um, African-American, assuming that she is his daughter by birth? She makes Michael Jackson look like he just got off the plane from Africa.

April 09, 2004

Posted 11:33 PM by Captain Holly
Quick, what's wrong with this picture?

Let's see, a picture of a 6-year-old public school child kneeling, eyes shut, head bowed, and hands together. A story about a teacher who brings special water and religious icons to school, blesses the children and teaches them about a big April celebration with religious overtones.

I'm sure by now you have guessed the likely headline in the Deseret News: "Catholic teacher suspended by school district for performing Easter Week services".

Well, in our PC society, of course you'd be wrong.

The special water in question is perfumed water, the icon is a statue of Bhudda, the teacher is a Thai Buddhist, and the celebration is the Sonkran -- the Thai New Year.

Teaching religion in the Publik Skools isn't prohibited -- as long as the religion isn't Christianity.

Posted 09:23 PM by Captain Holly
Viet Nam it most certainly is not

I, like most former and current Marines, am holding my breath as elements of the 1st MarDiv fight their way through Fallujah. Knowing their reputation, they are probably doing what Marines have always done best; namely, kicking ass and taking names. Look for Fallujah to be effectively secured by the end of next week.

The liberal media seem especially eager to brand this flare-up as the long-awaited "Tet" offensive that finally produces an American (and by extension, a Bush) defeat. Problem is, the attacks last November were supposed to be the Iraqi Tet, and they failed miserably. So this must be the Shi'ite Tet offensive, which will fail as miserably as the Fedayeen Tet did last fall.

History has shown that America's military can only be defeated by Americans. When any enemy engages in a stand-up battle with the US military, they inevitably get their butts kicked. The only way America's enemies can defeat us is if we get discouraged and give up.

Support the troops. Don't listen to the doomsaying of the mainstream media.

Posted 09:08 PM by Captain Holly
If not a home run, at least a triple

I was able to watch all of Dr. Rice's testimony on TV yesterday morning, and she was everything I expected her to be: Smart, professional, articulate, and surprisingly tough. Although I don't think she satisfied all the administration's critics, she more than held her own.

(I would have blogged about it sooner, but I was preparing to take a bunch of Boy Scouts camping at Antelope Island State Park).

Now I freely admit to being a supporter of President Bush. But I think even the most crazed Bush-hater would have to admit that Dr. Rice did an adequate job yesterday. I think the issue of "Bush knew about 9/11" has been driven underground for now. I'm sure it will resurface before the election, either in July when the commission releases its report, or in October, when the Democrats get desperate.

April 08, 2004

Posted 10:41 AM by El-ahrairah
Liberal values

Question: Which is more important to liberals, human rights or WMD? Answer: Apparently not human rights due to all the yelling and screaming about WMD. I wrote once before about mass graves in Iraq and here is a website by the USAID which is helping the Iraqis document the mass graves that have been found throughout the land.

We hear many on the "compassionate" left scream about WMD and how Bush lied, yada, yada, yada, ad nauseum. However, nobody is screaming about how Bush told the truth about the mass graves. The way the anti-war crowd is carrying on about WMD and completely ignoring the human rights violations reminds me what Joe Stalin once said, "One death is a tragedy, a million deaths are a statistic". The left gets all worked up over the death of an idiot american (Saint Rachel the Holy Pancake) who was run over by an evil Israeli bulldozer but not one peep out of their pieholes about the mass graves found in Iraq. Maybe the fact that we haven't found any WMD yet could be because of all the mass grave sites that keep popping up all over the place.

I have been to Dachau twice and there are two things which made a big impression on me. The first is a quote by Heinrich Heine. "If you burn books today, you burn people tomorrow". This was placed under a picture of the Nazis burning books by Communists, Jews and other "degenerate" authors. The second is at the end of the exhibit at Dachau. It is by George Santayana and it says, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". Right now, the anti-war crowd has forgotten what the Nazis did in WW2, what Pol Pot did in Cambodia, what happened in Rwanda 10 years ago, what happened in Bosnia during the 90's and what happened in Iraq during 35 years of Saddam Hussein. After each time, the government of the worlds say "never again". Unfortunately, the anti-war crowds actions make me I doubt they really mean it.

Posted 05:52 AM by El-ahrairah
Another biblical plague

It's spring time in Utah and once again, the landscape is being eaten by Mormon crickets. For those not familiar with the history of Utah, in 1848, the year after the pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, "crickets" the size of your thumb came down out of the mountains and started eating the crops. In reponse to the pioneer's prayers, flocks of seagulls came and started eating the crickets and saved the crops. For this reason, the California Gull is the state bird of Utah (illegal to hunt and found hanging out at any outdoor landfill) and the crickets are called Mormon crickets.

Due to the continuing drought in Utah, there are more and more of these little critters each year. Not only do they eat crops, but they eat anything else like lawns, shrubs, gardens, outdoor furniture, each other, etc. The way to control them is to spread a poisonous bait on the ground ahead of where they are "marching". The first rows stop and eat the bait and die and then subsequent rows stop and eat their dead bodies and die also. They are mostly a problem in Central Utah, but it looks like Utah county around Provo could also be hit this year. So, if you're in Utah this spring and want to see what a biblical plague actually looks like, take a trip to Cental Utah and say "Hi" to the offical state insect pest of Utah.

Posted 01:59 AM by Captain Holly
Careful what you wish for, Part II

After much howling and grumbling, critics of the Bush Administration are going to get exactly what they want: National Security Advisor Rice is going to testify in public today in front of the 9/11 commission.

Those who think that Rice's testimony would be the Bush Adminstrations' Waterloo are going to be heartily disappointed. Rice is not the stupid token that her critics make her out to be. She's smart, well-informed, telegenic, and most of all, very articulate. And she knows more about US security policy than virtually anyone. Commission members who think they will be able to grandstand will be in for a surprise. Rice will make mincemeat out of them.

She may not hit a "home run", but she certainly won't strike out, either. The liberals are just going to have to change the subject and try again.

And that is exactly what they will do.

Posted 01:48 AM by Captain Holly
Now we know whose side he was on

Former NHL coach and Hockey Night in Canada commentator Don Cherry used to despise Swedish players. Because most Swedes, and most European players didn't adapt very well at first to the grinding, physical North American style of play, the inimitable Cherry labeled them as "chicken". The term "chicken Swede" refers to a player that won't fight back, even when provoked.

I thought of this when I read that Hans Blix is pining for the "good old days" in Iraq, when Saddam was in power and the common masses knew their place. Blix is obviously distressed with all the newfound freedom the Iraqis now enjoy, and feels that they were, on balance, better off being tortured, raped, and fed feet-first into giant shredders.

Blix's comments are disgusting, especially when contrasted with the actions of one of his countrymen, Raoul Wallenberg. Wallenberg, who risked his life to save thousands of Jews, obviously did not understand the complexities of nuance and diplomacy and international consensus. He even *gasp* violated several international protocols in his efforts to smuggle Jews out of Hungary. Such unilateral action could have provoked the "German Street" into an uprising.

Now, had Blix been in charge of the Swedish embassy in Budapest in 1944, he would have sat down right away with Adolf Eichmann and had a Productive Dialog that might have led to a Joint Statement supporting a Bilateral Understanding of the Nazi Grievances against the Jewish Settlers. Or something like that. So what if the Jews are being shipped by the thousands to Auschwitz? At least the country's stable.

Virtually all of my father's ancestors came from Sweden. After seeing Blix's comments, I can say I'm damn glad they left.

Chicken Swede.

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